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To have your nomination considered please ensure that you fully complete this form. We recommend you review the questions asked below first and then draft your answers in a word document which you can then copy and paste into the text boxes.

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To help you with your answers we have provided some questions. You only need to answer those which are relevant to the nominated activity. Answering multiple questions does not in itself lead to a stronger application. The activity will be measured on its individual merits for collaboration in a specific area.
a) Does this activity provide ways for providing a professional support and wellbeing network for osteopaths? If yes, please tell us more. (500 words maximum)
a) Continued (500 words maximum)
b) Does this collaboration use new, innovative ways to build professional networks across the profession? If yes, please tell us more.
b) Continued (500 words maximum)
c) Does the collaboration provide a forum to share best practices in one or more of business skills, clinical skills or evidence-informed osteopathic practice? If yes, please tell us more.
c) Continued (500 words maximum)
d) Does the activity support collaboration with local community groups, businesses or other healthcare practitioners to improve patient care and/or accessibility to osteopathy? If yes, please tell us more.
d) Continued (500 words maximum)
e) Does the collaboration increase professional recognition, public awareness and/or the role of osteopathic care in improving health? If yes, please tell us more.
e) Continued (500 words maximum)
3. Are there any other aspects and/or outcomes that you wish to share with the judges that demonstrate the value of this collaboration?
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