Osteopathy Today magazine is the news and practice journal of the Institute of Osteopathy. It is to over 3,800 osteopaths, members of the iO and osteopathic organisations and increasingly other healthcare professionals. Along with print circulation, all editions are available digitally to members via the iO website.

80% of our members say they read the magazine on a regular basis and rated the content as either good or excellent.

To advertise within Osteopathy Today you have the option to purchase a display advert or if you are looking for something smaller you can take an advert out in our classified section of the magazine.

Psychology in osteopathic practice
Working with rest healthcare (NHS)

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The Technical Info 

Our magazine is a size of 257mm (h) x 190mm (w).

OT display artwork deadlines will be provided at the time of booking / making the payment.

Classified adverts will be processed within 48hrs of receiving payment. All adverts are published at the discretion of the iO. The iO reserves the right to edit as required for publication without prior notice. 

Display Artwork 

This should be supplied as the size indicated on our specification sheet and as a hi-res PDF or alternatively a TIFF - output in CMYK at 300dpi minimum. Fonts should be either embedded or outlined prior to sending. 5mm bleed should be applied with standard crop marks for full-page artwork.

Specification sheet click here to view.

The iO is unable to alter artworks. If alterations are required, we can assist you with this through an external designer which will incur a further charge. If you need assistance creating your display adverts, we can provide details of a designer to help you create your advert visual (additional charges apply). 

Should your artwork not meet the required standard as requested above, design and typesetting may be charged at £50 per hour if any issues arise. 

Artwork files must be supplied in an electronic format before advised deadlines. Artwork provided after advised dates will not be included. 


Terms and conditions: 1 Advertiser All suppliers advertising in iO communications channels must adhere to the exclusion criteria outlined below. All adverts/advertorials must be clearly marked as such and must not state or imply that the products or services advertised are in any way endorsed for use by the iO. 2 Reference to the Institute of Osteopathy Reference to any relationship with the iO in any advertisers/sponsors or partner's material is only by explicit permission and approval of the iO senior executive team. 1. This includes usage of the iO logo in adverts and non-iO produced materials 2. This includes reference to any form of relationship, e.g. supplier/sponsor/partner by the organisation in both iO and non-iO materials and communications 3 Criteria for advertisers/suppliers/sponsors and partners 1. The iO retains the right to exclude the advertisement of suppliers and their services/ products if they, in the opinion of the iO council and executive, have the potential to damage the reputation of the iO or the osteopathic profession as a whole 2. The publication of adverts for services and products in iO communication channels do not in any way indicate that the iO has tested the validity of claims made by suppliers for their services or products. (Excluding iO full partners) 3. Adverts will not be published if the suppliers or the services advertised are in direct conflict with the commercial or membership activities of the iO (excluding the provision of CPD) 4. The iO retains the right to exclude the advertisement of products or services that are, in the view of the iO council and executive: a. Unethical in the production or sourcing of products b. Proven to be detrimental to public health